A New Model of China Singapore CooperationAnticipate the epitome of the future CSGKC

  • Knowledge Tower

    Knowledge Tower is earmarked to become a benchmark project between China and Singapore. A Landmark at the Jiulong Lake Core Area and the CBD of the Knowledge City, the Tower is designed to be over 300m super high-rise complex with office, hotel, commercial and communal spaces.

  • China-Singapore
    Smart Park

    CSSP is one of the iconic projects of CSGKC to deepen the cooperation between China and Singapore in the fields such as scientific and technological innovation and smart city construction. It is also the first flagship industrial park project independently developed and operated by GKC JV Co.

  • Ascendas OneHub GKC

    Ascendas OneHub GKC, the flagship business park of CapitaLand in the Greater Bay Area, was invested and developed by CapitaLand Group Singapore. It aims to become an integrated hi-tech park that the community can work and live in. Ideal for Biotechnology & Medical, New Generation ICT, AI innovative industries among others.

  • Guangzhou
    SCA School

    Guangzhou SCA School is the first school jointly managed by Hwa Chong Family of Schools outside Singapore. It is currently the only affiliate to Hwa Chong Family of Schools in China, modeling after the philosophy and characteristics of Singapore Hwa Chong Family of Schools. Guangzhou SCA School serves as a new benchmark for basic education cooperation between Singapore and Guangdong, and has since opened in September 2021. It offers a 12-year curriculum covering primary to high school levels.


    Located in the core area of the CSGKC, it boasts the favorable development of the China Singapore dual national strategic new city. It is located in the low-density advanced plate at the foot of Maofeng Mountain, enjoying both bustling life and the tranquility of mountains and lakes.