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Fortune Magazine :When Guangzhou Meets Futune, A magnet city for new wealth

Update time:2017-05-01

The latest issue of Fortune Magazine carries the article "When Guangzhou Meets Fortune, a Magnet City for New Wealth" on its American, European and Asia-Pacific versions. The article introduces that Guangzhou, the host city of the coming 2017 Fortune Global Forum, is now positioned to build itself into one of China's important hub cities. 
This article presents Guangzhou’s fast development in Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-medicine industries as well as its achievements made in establishing international shipping, aviation and science & technology innovation hubs. Meanwhile it is also foretelling its readers the Fortune Global Forum to be held on December 6-8 in Guangzhou. 
Speaking of fortune, Guangzhou has a long list to show off, especially after Foxconn Technology Group and city authorities recently laid the foundation stone to kick off a project with an investment of US$ 8.8 billion. The tech giant will produce the latest 10.5 generation 8-k electronic display here. The entire negotiation, contract signing and ground-breaking were completed in an incredibly quick 100 days, which was widely acclaimed and summarized as the “new Guangzhou speed.” 
With that same rapid pace, the city is eager to catch up and expand in the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and bio-medicine (IAB), signing numerous projects worth billions in U.S.dollars. Together with other recently signed projects like Cisco Guangzhou Smart City, GE international Bio-industry Park and IDG Southern Center, Guangzhou is well poised to see a cluster effect of new development deals. 
Guangzhou, the forefront city of the nation’s nearly four-decade long reform and opening-up, is now positioned to build itself into one of China’s important hub cities. China’s southern gateway city has ambitions to become a hub in international shipping, aviation and science and technology innovation. 
With a millennia-long history of leading China’s business and foreign trade, Guangzhou has established trade relations with more than 200 countries and regions around the world. And 288 of Fortune Global 500 companies have operations in the city. 
That explains why Guangzhou was chosen to host this year’s Fortune Global Forum. As the Fortune Editor-in-Chief Alan Murray said at the September press conference, “Guangzhou is both a renowned symbol and a modern manifestation of China’s participation in global commerce.” 
The Month of December, when the forum will be held, is the finest season in this sub-tropical and ever-green city. With that in mind, Guangzhou is in the process of readying itself to meet Fortune.