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Investment Guide

Investment Policies

Relevant investment policies and systems are in place to support SSGKC's industry competitiveness in areas such as innovation, industry development and enterprise growth.

1、Incentives For Key Industrial Projects Award in one lump sum:

For global 500 companies' wholly-owned incorporated subsidiaries in the GDD, with at least $20 million and foreign companies with at least $30 million in registered capital, and wholly-owned incorporated subsidiaries of centrally administered state-owned enterprises, China's Top 500 companies and China's Top 500 private enterprises, with at least 50 million yuan in registered capital, each will be rewarded 2 million yuan.

Business contribution award:

Enterprises that have purchased land in the GDD and paid annual tax of more than 15 million yuan in the GDD, or enterprises that haven't purchased land but paid annual tax of more than 5 million yuan, will be rewarded no more than 0.3 percent of their annual sales for no more than three years.

Senior managers' award:

For enterprises earning the above business contribution award, no more than 10 senior managers of each enterprise will be rewarded. Each winner can get no more than 100,000 yuan each time.

(Temporary Measures of Encouraging Introduction of Key Industrial Projects in Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and Luogang District of Guangzhou).
Company Registration Facilitation

At present, SSGKC has implemented a new registration facilitation process by “one window service” for “4 licenses and 1 stamp” (Business license, Organization Code license, State and Local tax registration and Corporate stamp). It takes only 5 working days to complete the whole registration from the date of application with required materials.