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Business Parks

Business Parks are an Integral Component of SSGKC

Leveraging Singapore's One-North development experience, SSGKC adopts an integrated approach to urban and industrial development to provide a comprehensive suite of excellent facilities and integrated work-live-play environment, creating a vibrant business community.

To better serve knowledge-based industries, the Global Education and Innovation Hub aims to partner enterprises to build a collaboration platform that provides education, training, research and other innovative services. The Hub will include specialised colleges, high-end training institutes, incubators and R&D centers so as to nurture scientific talents to drive a knowledge-based economy and build a first-class integrated international education and innovation platform.

Currently, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Southern Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University have set up a representative office in SSGKC. NTU, Technological University of Munich, and South China University of Technology have signed the collaboration agreement to establish a joint research institute in SSGKC. SSGKC is also exploring collaborations with other reputable local and foreign universities which include the Peking University, Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, Beihang University, National University of Singapore and University of Warwick, and the research institutions which include Singapore A*Star, NUS Enterprise, etc.

Covering a planned area of 31 hectares, the E-Innovation Valley will include an integrated retail, commercial, business and residential cluster, which includes operational headquarters, smart R&D industries, international healthcare and a vibrant community. A 150-meter tall commercial office, eco workplaces, apartments, waterfront commercial retail districts, five-star hotels and high-end residential housing are amongst the major developments of building an integrated sustainable community.

Leveraging the existing academician work stations in Guangzhou Development District and SSGKC, the Academician Innovation Park will nurture academicians and top scholars to transform important scientific and technological achievements into commercial ventures. Covering a total area of 13 hectares, the first phase of development of the Academician Innovation Park will occupy five hectares of land, and will support four academicians and their research teams, namely Deng Zhonghan, Liu Renhuai, Liu Hongliang and Bernard Roizman from the US.