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Software Collaboration


The Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC) Software Collaboration initiative was launched on 30 June 2011 by Singbridge and its joint venture partner Guangzhou Development District (GDD) – to achieve SSGKC’s vision to become a vibrant, unique, world-class city that is highly attractive to knowledge-intensive enterprises and talent.

Software – Our Unique Differentiator

The aim of the SSGKC software collaboration initiative is to share Singapore’s experiences in areas such as social development and city management. Through various projects, Singapore’s systems and processes will be adapted, optimized and integrated to meet the evolving needs of the SSGKC, Guangzhou and China.

The software collaboration covers many areas such as methodologies, policies and processes pertaining to the planning and management of infrastructure, environmental protection, economic development, social management, township development, public administration and etc. These “software” will combine the essence of the strengths of both China and Singapore, differentiating SSGKC from other cities in China.
Software Collaboration Projects and Talent Development Plan

To-date, many software collaboration projects have been launched or are in progress, such as IP Hub, Sino-Singapore Knowledge Forum, Social Management Collaboration, Thye Hua Kwan Integrated Family Services Centers, Development Program, Sino-Singapore Talent Development Platform, Sino-Singapore Youth Exchange Program. Progressively, more software collaboration projects will be introduced to meet the development needs of the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City.

Software Collaboration Projects

The software collaboration projects that integrate both Guangdong and Singapore software will provide experience for Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City’s (SSGKC) development.

1. Intellectual Property Model Hub
Sino-Singapore Knowledge Forum
SSGKC will actively learn and adapt from Singapore’s experience in intellectual property rights and development of the knowledge economy to develop SSGKC into a model Intellectual Property Model Hub.

SSGKC will gather a group of well-know domestic and foreign intellectual property agencies, including the Guangdong State Intellectual Property Office, Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, Guangzhou Arbitration Commission and etc. Singapore’s Intellectual Property Academy and other foreign professional bodies will collaborate with SSGKC to provide international intellectual property rights services, including training, development of knowledge and capabilities in the protection, exploitation and the management of intellectual property.