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City Development


Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC) will embody eco,smart and learning into its city. These three major elements underlie and permeate every aspect of SSGKC’s development, making it a hub for innovative knowledge-based industries and an ideal habitat for living.

Smart City

SSGKC will be a Smart City, integrating urban management systems, powered by leading information and telecommunication technologies to drive sustainable economic growth, a high quality of life, and effective management of natural resources.

SSGKC has been selected as one of the State-level Smart City Pilot Site in 2013, providing an excellent test bed for leading edge technologies. SSGKC will exploit Next Generation Information and Communication Technology (ICT), cloud computing, and the Internet of Things to develop a world class city where residents can live and work in a safe, efficient and resource-friendly environment. The government administration will leverage on ICT technology to optimize the delivery of services to residents and enterprises.

Integrating audio control technology, intelligent house system, home and building automation systems into a smart home system enhances the convenience and comfort of common households.

Eco City

SSGKC will be an Eco City, integrating urban planning with energy efficiency, water efficiency and other sustainability solutions. All buildings in SSGKC will comply with the China Green Building Standards, and the transportation system will include the use of electric and hybrid vehicles. As part of its efforts to be a premier hub with green features and solutions, SSGKC will also adopt many selected Eco City related technologies and solutions, and engage relevant R&D of new ideas and products for commercialization.

SSGKC is committed to applying ecological technology to develop an environment where man and nature can co-exist in harmony, not only to improve quality of life but also to boost the growth of a green economy.

The development of SSGKC is set amidst the surrounding Maofeng and Fuhe mountains, where we have retained the important channels for wildlife migration while maintaining the local biological diversity. Construction and site management will also be planned and executed with minimal environmental pollution.

Learning City

SSGKC will be a Learning City, providing the foundation for the transformation to a knowledge-based economy. All residents of SSGKC will have access to high quality education and information resources. SSGKC will apply new technologies and innovative teaching methodologies to nurture a literate and well-informed community that will embrace learning for life. The city will attract world-class universities and institutions and adapt Singapore’s hardware and software in learning.

As an important platform of Learning City, an international industry, education and R&D Hub will be built with the latest education technology including video-conference based lecture system, modern lecture theatres, classrooms, discussion rooms, a high-end library and other facilities. This platform will attract world-class universities, learning institutions and research companies to establish graduate schools, professional schools, colleges, higher training institutions, research institutes to conduct their programs here and provide local students access to top class education and knowledge. Also, the platform will provide support for the new technologies and talent training needed for industrial development.