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A well-functioning city must first ensure that the necessary infrastructure such as roads, utilities and other essential resources are in place. To this end, the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC) is supported by comprehensive infrastructure plans, including efficient transportation networks, sustainable water resources planning, flood protection, well-managed environmental, power, telecommunication and other municipal utilities, both within, and connecting to the City.

The construction of municipal roads and underlying infrastructure within the SUA has basically commenced in 2011. Every household in the SSGKC will be provided directly with potable water treated by advanced technology and conveyed through a dedicated water supply network. Optical fibre network will be placed for the entire City with an integrated three-in-one service facility combining telecommunication, television and Internet signals. In the central hubs, common services tunnels will be implemented for greater reliability and to minimise road traffic disruption during maintenance. In addition, all municipal roads are equipped with cycling tracks and pedestrian walkways to create a more eco-friendly living environment.

Key elements of the infrastructure in SSGKC are as follows:
Road System

SSGKC will take a three-pronged approach to improving accessibility into and within the City, in terms of number, capacity and quality of roads. The objective is to achieve “10-30-60”, meaning capping travel times to 10, 30 and 60 minutes respectively within zones, between zones, and to neighbouring districts in Guangzhou, respectively.

Multiple Modes of Transportation, Multiple Categories of Roads to Neighbouring Districts

The City will benefit from enhanced regional road connectivity, high speed inter-city rail, subway system and inter-city highways which, together, forms an integrated regional transport system.

Traffic Management

SSGKC will use advanced information technology and traffic engineering to monitor and manage traffic flow. An intelligent traffic management system will help the city to reduce congestion and reduce emissions on its roads.

Illumination System for Road

Through government subsidies and other policy incentives, the SSGKC will introduce advanced illumination systems featuring high energy-efficiency LED lights and intelligent lighting control software for bright, safe yet energy efficient lighting for walkways and other facilities along roads.